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We utilize amazing advancements in dental care in Tijuana México, all of which is now possible thanks to the evolution of science and computer-aided surgical techniques. From simple implant surgery, up to a full oral restoration, we use highly sophisticated advanced dental planning software to fabricate a computerized surgical guide.

We use the most cutting-edge materials, tools and techniques. The results are a beautiful, healthy smile and much improved self-confidence. In the case of denture wearers, we can often eliminate the denture, placing a solid zirconia bridge that is fixed in place.

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(619) 564 42 69

(619) 564 42 69

Have any questions?
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6 Reasons to Choose Dental Implant Medic

We have the best professionals in all the procedures we offer, do not risk, come with the experts.

Experienced professionals

At Dental Implant Clinic we have the best professionals who are experts in their work, to always offer safety and quality in our services.
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Premium quality materials

We feel that using the latest technology and the highest quality materials provides us with optimal and cost-effective ways of treating your dental needs.
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High quality equipment

Quality on equipment at the forefront , we are committed to the advancement and technological research.
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Nice & Helpful Staff

Our staff is highly trained, since you arrive will be treated in the best way, offering a special and professional treatment is our main objective.
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100% kids friendly

You can bring your children while you come for consultation, for us it is important that you feel calm and happy when you come to our clinic.
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Lots of positive reviews

We have many recommendations from our clients, thanks to their trust and the excellent treatment they get when visiting us, we invite you to see our testimonies.
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A Full Range of Dental Services

Dental Implants are titanium surgical screws that are used to replace one or multiple teeth. The use of dental implants may be indicated in several cases. Dental implants are available in multiple options and according to each patient’s specific needs.

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