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We utilize amazing advancements in dental care in Tijuana México, all of which is now possible thanks to the evolution of science and computer-aided surgical techniques. From simple implant surgery, up to a full oral restoration, we use highly sophisticated advanced dental planning software to fabricate a computerized surgical guide.

We use the most cutting-edge materials, tools and techniques. The results are a beautiful, healthy smile and much improved self-confidence. In the case of denture wearers, we can often eliminate the denture, placing a solid zirconia bridge that is fixed in place.

When the patient comes to the dental implant México, after a full evaluation, we can give them the various options for tooth replacement with dental implants in México, or with fixed bridges or dentures, along with the prices, so that the patient fully understands, and can make decisions based on both what is best for their dental health, and what fits into their budget. The good thing is, here in dentist in Mexico, the costs for dental treatments are much more affordable, so that there are more feasible options available to the patients.

I believe in offering our patients the best alternative at the best Price. Passion, care and ethics define our mentality and values at our dental implant clinic. Due to our location inside the Tijuana-San Ysidro Border, along these past 12 years we have had the wonderful opportunity to treat more than 6,000 American and international patients, including referrals from other dental clinics.

If you are considering having dental implants in méxico, it is very important for you to know all the available options and products for your dental needs, be confident that we are the best in the implant dentistry field.

Dental Implant México is your best option at a very good price, don’t hesitate to reach us, we are here to help you through the process.

Dental Implant México

Dental Implants are titanium surgical screws that are used to replace one or multiple teeth.

The use of dental implants may be indicated in several cases. Dental implants are available in multiple options and according to each patient’s specific needs.

Which is your case?

  • Single tooth replacement.
  • Multiple teeth replacement with fixed bridges and crowns.
  • To secure dentures with snap-on locators.


Dental Implant México


Dental Implant dentistry is highly demanding, requiring specialists to constantly update their knowledge in advanced techniques and materials, among other areas. Every case has its level of complexity and requires expertise on the part of the specialist.

We are affiliated to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry since 2006 and have attended many  international dental implant seminars and symposiums. We use high quality dental implants and all our products are FDA approved.

In short, we believe in advancing our knowledge every day in the dental implant dentistry field to be able to offer our patients the best alternatives and solutions to their problems, and although we have more than 15 years’ experience in implant dentistry, to us each case is different and must be looked at with great care.

Dentist in Tijuana Price List

At Dental Implant Art Center you can feel confident that you are receiving the best quality of dental care, at just a fraction of what you would pay in the US. The initial consultation is very important to us, we make sure all of our patients get a thorough [o puede ser full] oral examination and the cost estimate for their treatment plan according to their specific needs.

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Payment Policy: Each patient’s treatment plan is divided into stages, and payment is made once each stage is completed. Since we own a dental laboratory and manufacture all the different types of crowns and veneers, we are able to give our patients a better price. We request 50% of the total cost of all dental material required by your treatment plan, so we are able to process it and the remaining 50% should be covered once the prosthesis are put in place and accepted to the patient’s and the dentist’s full satisfaction.

We are a group of Dentists in México specialized in every dental field.

Quality Dental Work in Tijuana México at the Best Prices


To become a trusted clinic recognized for the quality of services and prestige of our doctors, thus becoming the first choice in the minds of people both in Mexico and abroad.


To provide the highest level of oral care at reasonable prices using our expertise in cosmetic orthodontics, crowns and dental implants.


Quality, honesty, respect, ethics and service.


Dental Implants are titanium surgical screws that are used to replace one or multiple teeth. The use of dental implants may be indicated in several cases. Dental implants are available in multiple options and according to each patient’s specific needs.

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