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Dental Implant in México

Millions of American and Canadian patients travel to the Tijuana México Border, to receive dental or medical treatment. This is not a coincidence, Tijuana México Dental and Medical Clinics provide top quality care and facilities that measure up to U.S. standards.

Why we don’t do “Teeth in a day” implants.

There is a lot of advertising regarding immediate loading implants and “teeth in one day”. Bone requires time to heal and every patient’s bone is different (bone density), even within the same patient’s mouth. Once dental implants are loaded with the porcelain crowns or dentures, they will be subject to stress from the bite and chewing. The conventional design of the dental implant is very similar to that of the natural tooth root with very friendly treads, and in implant designs for immediate loading cases, the treads are very sharp and rough transmitting more stress to the bone at the moment of chewing. As a result, it is more common to find that patients with same day implants have suffered bone loss in less than 15 years, compared to patients with conventional implants which have had no bone loss within the same period of time.

Bone requires a minimum healing period of four and a half months for the maxilla (upper jaw) and four months for the mandible (lower jaw). Every patient and case is different and it is our job as your dentist to evaluate and explain this in detail.

Dental Implant in México

At Dental Implant Clinic, we have the world-class professionals who take pride in what they do and in the quality in their work they do for patients. Your oral health is our top priority, and this is evident in the work we do. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

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We recognize the importance of the relationship between patient and specialist and we strive to earn the trust of each patient to make every visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our Dentist in Tijuana Mexico are certified to offer you the best service and human touch possible.

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Quality on equipment at the forefront , we are committed to the advancement and technological research.